The Research Ethics Committee Association of Southern Africa (REASA) is a non-profit organisation. We aim at supporting a sustainable networking system between Research Ethics Committees (REC’s) in Southern Africa, and the African continent.


Connecting research ethics committees in Southern Africa


REASA promotes sustainable networks between Research Ethics Committees (RECs) in Southern Africa and the African continent. We do this by creating a platform for our members to exchange ideas, knowledge and experience about the theory and practice of research ethics.

REASA acknowledges the interrelatedness of research ethics and scientific integrity and welcomes current or past REC members across Africa, practitioners working in the area of research integrity and those with a vested interest in research ethics governance.


What is REASA’s guiding framework?

To move REASA forward from a young and developing Association, we recognised the importance of ethics governance and that change leadership is rooted in the twin pillars of dialogue and consensus with integrity as the core ideal. To fulfil the mandate of REASA, the Association aims at implementing an integrated framework that is referred to as the REASA five C strategy.

  • Co-operative engagement to promote the philosophy and practice of ethical human and animal research in Southern Africa;
  • Communication by providing pertinent information;
  • Care by fostering a sense of community among its members;
  • Connection by establishing regional networks for the discussion of topics of mutual interest; and
  • Capacity strengthening through a mentoring, training, consulting and advocacy service for its members.